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Robin Raid 3 : booty crusade Robin Raid 3 : booty crusade

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Lets break this down into Likes/Dislikes to make it easier for me to review this game.

• This game has a cute charm and atmosphere
• I find the main protagonist to be likable and Adorable
• The point and click style is entertaining
• The ending of the game fits well into the plot of the series
• The quirky humor from the protagonists shenanigans

• The games sex scenes feel forced, since the rest of the game has a childish theme to it
• The lack of detail in the drawings during some situations most notably the sex scenes but also general animations
• Multiple scenes were copy and paste instead of a new drawing/animation for other scenes
• Though the point and click style is entertaining, it feels more linear then a choose your own adventure type of game

Overall I did enjoy playing this game. I would recommend it to those who want a fun and humorous adventure. I would not recommend this game to anyone who was looking for just the sex scenes.

I would also like to make a suggestion to the author. If you want to make a silly game make one, it does not need sex scenes to make it good. If you were to removed them from this game, it would not hinder the overall experience.

I look forward to seeing your future games, and don't let my review discourage you. It is here to improve not hinder.

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